ComEd Hourly Pricing

ComEd Hourly Pricing

The IFTTT service for enabling features for participating in ComEd's Hourly Pricing Program, a residential supply option. If you are enrolled in this program, you pay the market price for electricity that varies from hour to hour. To help you save, this service will let you automate actions in your home such as making changes to your smart thermostat when the average price goes over a price threshold you determine and then return to normal when the average price goes back below your threshold.



ComEd Hourly Pricing


  • Average price change

    This trigger allows for the selection of a price preference and activates whenever the average price for an hour either goes above or below the specified threshold value

    Trigger Fields
    • At what price should this activate?
    • In which season should this activate?
    • When to trigger
    • How often to trigger
ComEd Hourly Pricing


There are currently no actions for this service.