The Captain's Log for IOS

This recipe creates a Siri speech-enabled 'Captain's Log' to keep a running time-stamped log of the little things you do all day. On it's own, the IOS Reminders App doesn't tell you _when_ items were added to the Reminders lists because it's focused on reminding you of things that haven't happened yet so you don't forget to do them. Happily, with an updated Siri and a recent 'tweak' to the Reminders App, we can now say things like "Add Artichokes to my Shopping List" and Siri will do just that. (Of course, you'd have to remember to look at that shopping list). This recipe is designed to take advantage of those new semantics and the fantastic new IFTTT for iOS to work it's magic. Use it to keep track of when you last took your medications, what you had to eat at lunch, or to look back a year from now and remember the moment you met the person who later became your significant other. All you have to do is long-press the Home button on an IOS device, say "Add to The Captain's Log" and Siri will ask what you'd like to add, then IFTTT will update an already-in-progress 'living note', do this often enough and you'll have a great historical record of 'the little things in life' In order for this recipe to work great on the first try, you'll want to: 1. Open the IOS Reminders app 2. Create a new list called "Captain's Log" (I've found it works better without the "The") 3. Open Evernote 4. Create BOTH a Note titled "The Captain's Log" and a Notebook titled "The Captain's Log" (this time, the "The" is included in each) Note: You can (of course) 'tweak' the Notebook name, the Note name, or what the log entry includes if you like, but I've 'unhid' these fields so that even a novice user can begin using this recipe with very little technical knowledge. :-)

by akaharry

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