If photo uploaded to Consultant's Personal FB Account, photo Added to Master FB Account by Proxy.

Recipe Purpose: Create a Personal Facebook Profile that will be used for a Proxy Account with on-demand, in-the-field access for your Consultants and employees without giving Full, Root Admin access to every user so that they may update your Facebook Fanpage with Photos from the Field or Sales Floor (Also, to dynamically create tidy, organized Photo Albums for each Consultant who uploads photos without the need to actively setup/manage each gallery and configure the client to upload to the appropriate Gallery.) In other words, this makes it easy for employees to add a Photo Album and new photos to your Company's Facebook Fanpage without the need for Admin Access. LET'S GET GOING, IT'S EASY-PEASY! STEP ONE 1.) Create A New Personal Profile Page For Each Consultant. This should be a disposable account that can be recycled if Facebook were to disable it for not being a "real person" or in the scenario you need to terminate the Consultant's privileges to the Master Facebook Fanpage account. This Personal Profile Page should ideally be registered with a master E-Mail account so that all e-mails can be delivered and sorted in a single inbox for password recovery, etc, in the future. GMail & Google Apps allows this by adding a + in the original e-mail, or by activating the option "Send all incorrect e-mails to this inbox:" in your Google Apps control panel. I personally use this option so that I can use consultantname.businessname@revvenue.com for Proxy registration and have all e-mails delivered directly to my primary inbox scot@revvenue.com For GMail users, If your business e-mail is yourbusiness@gmail.com, you can register dynamic accounts by using yourbusiness+consultantname@gmail.com. Take it a step further by sorting these e-mails with a Filter in GMail so that all e-mails coming from *@facebook.com are flagged and sorted separately as a best practice.) STEP TWO 2.) Once you've created your Proxy Profile, Use the Ifttt.com tool to connect this new Personal Profile and also connect the appropriate Businss Fanpage. If you've yet to start a Facebook Fanpage for your business, now is the time. Questions? Looking for more dynamic, creative solutions for your business' online needs? If nothing else, I want to see how it's working for you or your clients, and maybe I can share another idea or two specifically to your setup. I'd love to hear how it worked out for you, lets talk shop! To Your Continued Success, Scot Smith, Principle Founder @REVVENUE.COM Email: scot@revvenue.com Tel: (m) 706-668-7265 (toll-free) 1-855-REVVENUE

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