Send an SMS to trigger an automator action (Mac) tied to a dropbox folder

This is just the first step in a fairly complicated action. The SMS triggers an ifttt "then that" action that copies a text file from one Dropbox folder (via URL) to another Dropbox folder. The target Dropbox folder is monitored by an automator action on a Mac. The automator action looks for any new files in the folder on the Mac and automatically triggers "something" based upon the contents of that text file as directed in an apple script in the automator action. For example, if the text file contains the text "launch iTunes," the script launches iTunes on the Mac that is monitoring the Dropbox Folder. It is a way to remotely control a system. Depending on the text, you can direct the remote Mac to restart, sleep, take a screenshot, etc. It works like a charm. Also, using the SMS trigger in ifttt happens immediately-not every 15 minutes!

by danfriedlander

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