automatically text when you leave/arrive at a place

**These instructions will only work if you have a gmail account!** TRIGGER INSTRUCTIONS (1) You'll have to create a list in your Reminders app called "My location." (2) In this list, your item title has to have the phrase structure: "(verb) + (your location)." For example, my list item is titled: "just got home" (3) When you edit each list item, enable "Remind me at a location" (4) Also, edit the Location section with where you want this reminder triggered. For example, following up with the 'just got home' list item, you would set your location as your home address, and make sure that "When I arrive..." is selected. ACTION INSTRUCTIONS: (5) In the "To" field, email the phone number of the person you want to automatically send this text to. For example, for Verizon phone numbers, I input: "" If you have any other carrier, you'll have to look up the email address of that carrier's phone numbers. (6) In the "Subject" field, input the name of the person you want to text.

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