If new torrent in TvTorrents RSS download to dropbox

With this recipe you can set a tvtorrents RSS feed to go to a channel simply named 'torrents'. Then when a new show that you have marked favorite posts it will place it in dropbox and you can set Transmission to crawl the folder for new torrents. To only download .mkv shows for example, you would use: http://www.tvtorrents.com/mytaggedRSS?digest="???"&hash="???"&tag=FAVORITE&fname=true&interval=1+week&include=mkv&exclude=mp4&exclude=Indi%7CSeason.*Complete&exclude=avi%7CSeason.*Complete&NOT=(*.mkv*|*HR*|*.avi*|*.XviD*|*NUKE*) The "???" digest and hash will need to be replaced with your tvtorrents ID. But this will auto download shows for you that are only .mkv, so you don't have to go to the site and check for new postings. *I CANNOT SUPPLY TVTORRENTS INVITE. READ THEIR RSS HOW-TO TO APPLY YOUR FILTERS*

by russellpoovey

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