Scheduled Auto-Picture-Tweeter

I wanted a way to intermittently tweet interesting/funny pictures that I had stored in my dropbox. I wrote a vbs script that moves a picture from my repository to the upload folder this Applet uses - every 4 hours. It will use the file name as the tweet. Here is the VBS - you can modify the folder structure to have it move from your repository or alter the wscript.sleep. Dim fs, f, f1, fc, s output = "C:\Users\Tye\Desktop\Dropbox\Public\ToPost\" Set fs = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") Do while true thehour = datepart("h", time) if thehour > 6 and thehour < 24 then if fs.getFolder("C:\Users\Tye\Desktop\Dropbox\Upload\ToPost").Files.Count > 2 then Set f = fs.GetFolder("C:\Users\Tye\Desktop\Dropbox\Upload\ToPost") Randomize i = CInt((Rnd() * f.Files.Count)) j = 1 For Each fi In f.Files If j >= i Then 'MsgBox(fi.Name) fs.MoveFile "C:\Users\Tye\Desktop\Dropbox\Upload\ToPost\" &, output & Exit For End If j = j + 1 Next end if end if Wscript.Sleep 14400000 loop

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