Automatic #screenshot upload using #Gmail -> #Dropbox.

One method for uploading a screenshot from any PC (and I think any OS). In Windows, [Alt]+[Print Screen] copies whole screen to clipboard, and [Shift]+[Alt]+[Print Screen] copies active window to clipboard. Then just create a new email using Gmail or Outlook or any method that supports pasting pictures in email. Paste the screenshot from the clipboard into the email body and send to your Gmail account with "#screenshot" in the subject. The pasted screenshot will be transferred as an attachment of the email, so this recipe will transfer the file to your Dropbox. Once its in your Dropbox, you can get a Public link for the image for linking online (forums, Facebook, etc.). There are MANY ways to upload a screenshot online, this is one method I use often. I recommend creating a filter in your Gmail account for "#screenshot" emails.

by geekyadam

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