Reminder to set car air conditioning when passing a rubbish dump, and reset after. For Sydney's M4

Sydney, Australia: The M4 and M7 motorways cross at Eastern Creek where there is a spectacular 4-road interchange, lots of industry, an international race track, and the city's largest landfill within the city's proximity. At various times this is pungent, and if one forgets to put the car air vents on recirculate it can be very unpleasant (and sometimes sickening). This reminder serves to remind motorists to close vents/set them to recirculate on approach and to reopen them on departure from the general area. Requires ios7 and Pushover. NB Testing has shown it's better to create notifications further out: make a smaller circle over the road you travel and, by putti one at each end, you get bidirectional warnings and exit reminders. Enjoy.

by coastalrev

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