Add a card to your Trello board via Gmail when you upload a new photo to Facebook Pages

Archive all the photos you post to your Facebook Page to Trello via Gmail so your boss can see what you're up to! This uses Trello's e-mail card creation feature - ( Each board has it's own personal e-mail address that you can send an e-mail in order to create a new card. This will be the "To address" for this Applet. The date of the Facebook Pages post will be the name of the card (via the e-mail Subject) and the photo caption will be the card description (via the e-mail Body). The URL of photo on Facebook will be attached in the Body and will be uploaded to Trello. You can set a label for new cards added by putting #labelname (i.e. #Facebook) in the e-mail Body. You can only post new cards to one list, so if you want to upload to multiple destinations you'll have to create a new board that uses a new e-mail address.

by jpscheidell

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