Create a daily countdown to a target date in Google Drive

To receive a daily notification about how many days are left to a target date you will need two further things: 1. A template spreadsheet (, 2. Another recipe that is triggered by a row being added to a Google spreadsheet (this is not currently available with IFTTT but their arch rival does offer it : | ). [How I do it is the new row sends the message to an RSS feed which I have connected to Boxcar.] More info: UPDATE August 2016 If you want to use a version of this recipe that uses the timestamp to provide the date for each event use this for the row content: {{CheckTime}}|||=DATEVALUE(LEFT(OFFSET(INDIRECT(CHAR(COLUMN()+64)&ROW()),0,-1),LEN(OFFSET(INDIRECT(CHAR(COLUMN()+64)&ROW()),0,-1))-11))|||=I$1

by nadnosliw

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