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If you're on a Mac, it's quite simple to get this working with Folder Actions (make sure they're enabled first) and Automator. Create a designated folder in DropBox called "good_morning" for example. Open up Automator and create a new Folder Action. Assign the action to the "good_morning" folder you made in DropBox. In the Automator library, search for the "Get Specified iTunes items" action, drag that in. Next, search for the "Play iTunes Playlist" action, drag that in, check the shuffle box. Save it. That's it. IFTTT and DropBox will take care of the rest. I recommend using the "Set the computer volume" and "Set the iTunes volume" actions in there too. I did this to ensure that I'll always be able to listen to some cool shit every morning. The same can be done for pausing iTunes when you leave home. I made one of those recipes as well. Check it out yo.

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