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This recipe allows the user to create a Nozbe inbox item by adding a note with Siri. To configure it, do the following: 1. Authorise your gmail account with ifttt. Note that I created a separate gmail account for this purpose - for security reasons unnecessary services should not have read/write access to my gmail. 2. Add the gmail account you will be using as a mail account on your iPhone. 3. Open that account in Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars. 4. Ensure the "Notes" toggle is set to on in the account settings. 5. Add this recipe to your ifttt account. Before creating the task, you need to enter your nozbe input email address into the "To" field of the receipe. To find your nozbe address, open Nozbe web, then go to Settings -> Your Nickname and PIN. 6. Now you can use Siri to create a Nozbe task called "pay credit card bill" by saying "Note that pay credit card bill" or similar. Warning: Due to a defect in Siri (apparently confirmed by Apple), notes created by Siri are not always synchronised with the cloud. Here is a workaround: 1. Once you have created the note with Siri, it will appear on the screen. Tap it. 2. The note will now display in the notes app, click the pen icon to edit it, add a space to the end, then click done. 3. Your note will now sync. Fingers crossed that Apple corrects this in 5.0.2, as the extra step turns a 10 second hands-free input into a more fiddly 30-second task. I still find this quicker than using Siri to send an email, but I am looking forward to the bugfix!

by tristan_

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