GoogleVoice SMS Autoreply while driving

For this recipe to work, you need to make sure you have setup your GoogleVoice to forward text messages to your Gmail account. You will also need to set the "To Address" field as "{{FromAddress}}" In addition, the trigger may not operate at all for the first 24 hours, due to Google's security system. If that happens, keep an eye out for an email from Google Security (should arrive within 24 hours of activation the Recipe) warning about suspicious account access, which is the IFTTT server trying to access your Gmail account. (for me, this came from an IP address in Ottowa, Canada). When that email arrives, visit and approve the access from that location. Once that is set, the Recipe should function as expected. This Recipe works best from your mobile app. When you start driving, launch IFTTT and activate the recipe, and when you arrive, launch it again, and deactivate the recipe

by sujovian

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