Happy Birthday! Message to Email

Don't want to miss your birthday or your friend(s) birthday? Use the Applet to send the wishes automatically! Customize the date you want the wishes to be sent out. Customize the message as well. If you are planning to send the message to your friend(s), don't forget to tag them. You can use as many as you can. Just click "Use Applet" then change the title to a more personal title. Let say you have 3 friends you want to say Happy Birtday, so: 1. use Applet, then rename it to Happy Birthday "Friend A" 2. go back to the shared Applet, find this Applet again, then click on "Use Applet" again and then rename it to Happy Birthday "Friend B" and so on! #happybirthday #jilaxzone

by jilaxzone

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