Track completed tasks in relevant Evernote notebook

I created this task to keep track of every task I perform in Evernote (and to show what I am doing my manager). I have a Evernote notebook per client / project. In Toodledo I have a folder per client / project. This IFTTT rule forwards the tasks completed in a specific folder to the right folder in Evernote. Thanks to this IFTTT rule, I also use Toodledo to record ad hoc tasks that I otherwise would not have entered in Toodledo, but do help me justify my time / effort to management. So why am I doing this? Five reasons: 1. Evernote has more advanced search options than Toodledo. 2. Evernote offers the possiblity to send individual notes to any email address. 3. Task details sent to Evernote are all formatted the same, which improves readability and scanability. 4. With Evernote I can store task data for ever... and Toodledo only stores data for a limited time. 5. This significantly simplifies my weekly reporting routine. I now have a single source of data that I can scan while writing my report. The chance of missing important info is decreased. I can easily copy / paste relevant details from Evernote to my report.

by nzwaneveld

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