Turn Off Wifi If you exit an area using Tasker and Pushbullet

Create a Tasker profile which should be activated when you receive a push message with TURN OFF WIFI and link a task to turn off wifi. This will work if you enter an area based on the location provided below. Steps to configure Tasker App 1) In Tasker - Go to TASK tab, click the + and name the task WiFi OFF, Click + and search in filter for wifi, Select WIFI setting and set the value to OFF 2) In Tasker - Go to PROFILES, click the + and select Plugin and Received A push, Click configuration to edit the push settings in the optional filter add "TURN OFF WIFI" and select delete in 'Then' 3) Then link the task to the Tasker profile. All set. You can check whether its working or not by sending a PUSH message "TURN OFF WIFI" to your phone.

by rsadalarasu

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