Email Events To Your Google Calendar. Simply Add "#event" in the Subject Line.

Send or forward any email to with "#event" in the subject line and it will be added to your Google calendar. Google will recognize dates and times (if formatted correctly) so that your event is properly added. The subject line of your email will become the event title on your calendar (without the "#event" tag, of course). While Google's Quick Add feature is pretty good at recognizing calendar-related keywords and phrases, it's not perfect. Here are a few tips to help you as you use IFTTT to create events via email: (1) Enter the basic elements: what, when and where. (2) Use double quotation marks to block date/time parsing. For example, enter [ meet Scott at "Taco Tuesdays" Friday 8 pm ]. (3) Quick Add doesn't currently support conjunctions (e.g. March 13th & 14th, 4/16 till 4/20, etc.) (4) For All Day events such as birthdays, don't specify a time. For example, just enter [ 7/15 Julia’s birthday ]. (5) When entering a time, use a colon. For example, enter [ 9:15 ] instead of [ 915 ].

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