Append emails to a daily journal, diary or log

Description Adds timestamped body text of an email to a Google Doc. How it works Create an email using 'journal' as the subject. (Do not include quote marks.) Send the email to the Gmail account specified in the recipe. Emails with 'journal' as the subject, sent during the previous day (midnight to midnight), will be added to the specified Google Doc. Possible uses A personal journal. Day-by-day mood diary. Exercise log. Record of events at work. Setup Add your Gmail address in the "Search for" field. Change the subject text in Search For and the Google Doc settings in the Action fields to suit your needs. The quote marks in the subject line ensure that that only emails with that precise text in their subject get added the Google Doc. You can adjust the search field to your needs, using Google's advanced search operators ( Bug Make sure you archive 'journal' emails once they've been added to the Google Doc. If you don't, you'll get duplicated entries. I'm trying to work out a fix for this.

by richard_cosgrove

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