IF a file is uploaded to a Dropbox folder you specify, THEN get its direct download link via e-mail

I use this recipe to receive, via e-mail, direct Dropbox download links (with no annoying, delaying intermediary download pages instead of the files themselves!) to MP3 reminders I send to my Dropbox using two excellent "Dropbox voice recorders": DropVox on iOS, and Netmemo plus on Android. In previous years, IFTTT/Dropbox used to require that you put these files into one of your "Public" subfolders. That is, thankfully, no longer true today (late 2014), so some existing Dropbox IFTTT recipes are outdated in this respect. You can now point IFTTT to monitor *any* folder in your Dropbox – public or not, it no longer matters. For me, I instructed this recipe to monitor the /Apps/netMemoPlus subfolder in my Dropbox for newly arriving MP3 files, because unlike DropVox, netMemoPlus only allows you to upload MP3 files to its own Dropbox subfolder. For this reason, I also instructed DropVox to store its files in the same Netmemo Plus subfolder. I hope that this recipe works for you, and if there are any questions/issues, just drop me a line at faterson at gmail.com.

by faterson

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