#Text your friend or family member when you're approaching their #location. (iOS)

Do you want to let your roommate or family member know you're almost home? Are you picking up a friend or meeting them somewhere and want to let them know you're almost there? Would you like to do any or all of these things without worrying about the dangers of texting while driving? Use this recipe to send an automatic text message (via email) to your friend or family member as you're approaching their location. ***IMPORTANT: YOU WILL HAVE TO KNOW THE EMAIL-TO-TEXT ADDRESS OF YOUR FRIEND/FAMILY MEMBER FOR THIS TO WORK!*** For example, the email address to text AT&T subscribers is their 10-digit phone number (no "1" before the area code, and no dashes) followed by "@txt.att.net" (e.g. 2145551234@txt.att.net). A quick search on the Internet will help you find the email-to-text addresses for those subscribed to other mobile service providers.

by msjkim

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