When a reminder is added to a specified list, it will set the Ecobee to a specified temperature.

This recipe is truly useful if you use Siri. Since Siri can only be used with Apple apps, this recipe leverages the support for iOS Reminders (which Siri supports) and then allows you to change the temperature "hands free" by reciting a short request to Siri. Prior to using this recipe, you need to have a list in your Reminders app with a name you will then use in the recipe. I named my Reminder list "Downstairs 69" because that is the thermostat name plus the temperature I want it to be set. So, if I tell Siri "add test to my Downstairs 69 list" a reminder with the name "test" will be added thereby triggering the action in the recipe to set an indefinite hold of the temperature specified in the recipe.

by ssilverman

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