i am a painter and art collector who travels and sees a lot of shows . i paint oil and gouache . acrylic ..i live in the village artisans .in nature .pacific green and a lot imagination and a sense of freedom living your life .i did a lot of shows painting studied painting in high school art ...i am an artist and art collector worldwide .participated in lots of group exhibitions .the painting are a lot galleries u.s,a..argentina .netherlands ..a collection of art of my art is the relationship between the sexes love romance .the painting are very special...and originals .and signed . shipping art secure and save and come straight to your home or your office packed in a hard tube safely . possible within the work wherever .thank you for art. ... it very famous round the world .a lot of shows.original .and very impressive.. i can also get you myself to the door of…

by roy46roy46

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