Upload pdf attachment from submit@web2pdfconvert.com to google drive after using another Applet.

I figured out how to automatically upload a web page to google drive converted to a pdf by web2pdfconvert.com . I did this by emailing them, with another Applet my diigo public bookmarks URL. Then they convert it in a few minutes then send me the pdf as an attachment and this Applet uploads their attached pdf to google drive. This is helpful if you do research and want to search all your references online by using another app that indexes all your files in specified folders like "DocFetcher". Maybe you can make or find an Applet to send a chosen url to web2pdfconvert.com automatically and effortlessly. Use this other Applet to send URL from Diigo to the converter automatically: https://ifttt.com/Applets/309834-create-pdf-from-diigo-bookmarked-url

by imjonbean

Install 2
works with
  • Google Drive