If an item in POCKET is tagged PDF, save the item as a PDF to OneDrive for Business.

Pocket works with web pages. OneDrive for Business works with *files*. In order to save a page from Pocket to OneDrive, the Pocket page must be converted to PDF. ConvertAPI (www.convertapi.com) handles that task. You must create a (free) account with ConvertAPI and, in your account, locate your unique API KEY (typically a 9-digit number). In the "FILE URL" field, replace "YOUR_API_KEY" with your API key. You can change the tag you want to apply to Pocket items to trigger the recipe--the default is "PDF". You must specify , the folder in your OneDrive for Business in which to save the PDF. Be sure the FILE NAME field has ".pdf", otherwise your system won't know that the file is, in fact, a PDF. Enjoy!!

by danholme

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  • OneDrive for Business

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