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When you add a 'ToDo' tag in Pocket it will email Tasks to a Project or Tag in Asana. This one defaults to the 'Backlog' project In addition to emailing to create tasks in your My Tasks list(s), you can also create tasks in any Asana project or tag. Here’s how (substitute the word “tag” for “project” in these instructions to get the same result for tags): Find the project ID by selecting the project or a task in the project and looking at the URL. It should look like The FirstNumber is the ID number of the project. Send an email to For example, if FirstNumber is 123, you would email Here’s how we interpret an email to a project: Email subject = Task name Email body = Task description Email attachments = Task attachments People in the CC field = Task followers Person in the To: field (they will share the To: field with the Asana email) = Assignee

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