Send or forward gmail to create Todoist task in selected ToDoist Project, due today

Notes: (1) This recipe is different from others in that the first line of the body of the gmail serves as the task name in ToDoist. This makes it easy to use one recipe for any email, whether you are composing a new one or forwarding one, because you do not have to go to the trouble of changing the email subject. (2) If you don't like your tasks in ToDoist to be in boldface, just delete the exclamation points before and after the "{{Body}}" ingredient in the "Task Content" field. (3) The ToDoist Inbox can be selected as a project so that all new tasks go to the inbox for later processing (as with GTD workflow). (4) The "label format guide" (in blue, underneath the "Task Content" field) is provided automatically by ToDoist. THESE DIRECTIONS DO NOT WORK. The ONLY TodDoist tag you can add at this time is the "@LABEL" tag in ToDoist. (Request for action sent to ToDoist on 8/21/15).

by cavanaughmm

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