Use Alexa to change exact color of Hue lights. (Step 2 of 2)

Step 2: Before attempting this step, make sure that you've completed Step 1 first: Use your phone number in the SMS field below. Choose which lights you want to change, or All Lights. You MUST use the ingredient 'Text' to get this to work properly. I chose to tag (#) it for giggles... You're almost done! One more step to go!! Now follow this exact command sequence with your echo: "Alexa, todo." She will reply, "What the todo?" Here you'll only say the name of a color. Orange, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple etc. She will sometimes struggle with the word 'red' because she hears 'read' instead. If she misunderstands, your Hue lights will turn on as white, so experiment a tad to see what colors work.

by putnam777

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