Quick add [Event] with @status + #project + !!!action + time/date, with [New Task]

This recipe creates a google calendar event from a newly created task. The goal is so you can take a quick look on your Google Calendar to check: What type of action am I doing? (>action context) What specific action is it? (!!!next action) What project is it? (#project) Is this project currently active? (@status) When or how long am I doing this? (calendar) This recipe relies on 3 systems: ¤ GTD in Todoit + google calendar. ¤ 7 Action Context agendas in google calendar ¤ Google calendar's quick add syntax. ¤ GTD in Todoit + google Calendar= _Labels: @status= currently active²³, paused²³ and someday/maybe³. _Projects: #projects (you know the drill) _Tasks (title): !!!Next Actions _google calendar agenda for !!!Next Actions ¤ 7 Action Context agendas in google calendar= based on the Question: What type of action am I doing? with the answer being 7 verbs* (for 7 agendas)= >to have fun >to be creative >to excercise >to run errands >to organise >to work >to be entertained ¤ Google calendar's quick add syntax for time and date, or duration. >>> creating a New Task will create an event in your [!!!Next Action] agenda. It will display the #project + @status if supplied in Todoit and !!!next action + time/date from the Task Title (text). 7 [Action Context agendas] determine when you will do what type of action, your [!!!Next Action] can then be placed next to the correct [Action Context]. (²) currently active + paused alternate regularly to limit your spread, increase focus and creativity, by allowing a project to "simmer"/"sleep on it". (³) currently active + paused have a limited max. projects (7 for me), someday/maybe is limitless (dream BIG) (*) I found these seven verbs to be optimal to differentiate different types of actions. For example having fun and being entertained seems the same but the first is active and social and the latter passive and solitary, ie: going out for a drink or watching your favorite show (DND) (×) one flaw in this system is it wont register a change of labeling (status) as a New Task, so it wont update on your agenda, this has to be done manually.

by stijncammaer

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