Cloud Computing

People and Companies time and again never pass a thought to the files being produced and stored on Electronic devices such as Computer Tablets Phones. Given the fact that staff are producing large volumes of work away from the desktop it is only correct to say that the chance of devices been lost or stolen is heightened, so security of Data is important however the Loss of the Data which has been gathered and worked on is Mission critical. Let’s face it we are not all working on Top Secret Projects so the first thing the Theft will do is wipe the system so the data is gone even if you do get it back. Of course you do have the system which just fails it happens. So Cloud storage is CRITICAL and we in Alastair take this very seriously our Team have been in the industry for over 15 years and have seen more preventable Data losses than we care to mention and it was always down to The Cost ,Servers - NAS boxes – Tape Drives. Never mind how many businesses never did a disaster recovery to check the integrity of the Backup. Well those days are past. Now we can use Cloud Storage very cost effective and with broadband we don’t have to store anything on our devices so they are backed up and don’t hold Top Secret Projects if its lost or stolen you just change the password Simple and Doubly Secure.

by jonocurley

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