Leave the house earlier (or else)

This Recipe lets you force yourself to leave the house earlier in the day. When your Android phone notices you've left a radius around your house, it sends the amount of time before 8:30am to a Beeminder goal. The goal needs to be a do-more-style custom type (which requires a premium plan) that only counts the max value each day. Otherwise if you ever leave the house in the evening you'll get a huge negative value that will likely derail you. Conversely, this Recipe will give you a ton of credit for leaving the house after midnight, since that's technically leaving super early in the morning. So you'll probably need to edit bad datapoints sometimes. Note: Change the "8.5" in the datapoint value if you want a target time other than 8:30am. E.g., if you care about amount of time before 1pm that you leave then change the 8.5 to 13.

by dreeves

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