Log hours with both start and end functionality (calculates total hours!)

<<To trigger>> Simply send an email tagged #LOGHOURS in the subject line to trigger@recipe.ifttt.com at the start AND end of a job. <<Sequence>> First trigger will create the spread sheet and add a header row. Second trigger will enter your Start time. Third trigger will enter your End time and calculate the total hours. Subsequent triggers will alternate between Start and End times. <<Optional>>-Enter more information in the body of your sent email such as type of job or earnings (even a nifty spreadsheet calculation!). This recipe can be used very easily with a DO recipe that sends a tagged email to trigger@recipe.ifttt.com from your registered email account (i.e. GMail channel). You can create multiple task logs in the same spreadsheet by entering the task name in the body of your email.

by geomusicianclerk

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