Blue Iris alert runs a Wink shortcut

1) Open Blue Iris 2) Right-click the camera you want to receive and alert for. 3) Choose "Camera Properties" 4) Click the "Alerts" tab 5) Check the box next to "Request from a web service" 6) Click the "Configure" button for "Request from a web service" 7) Under "When Triggered" choose "https://" 8) enter "<camera-name>/with/key/<Your-Maker-channel-key>" 8a) Replace <camera-name> (and remove the < & >) with the name of the camera in question. "BlueIrisFrontPorch", "BlueIrisBasementDoor", etc.... USE THIS AS YOUR EVENT NAME IN THE TRIGGER 8b) Replace <Your-Maker-channel-key> (and remove the < & >) with your unique Maker channel ID. "FHY834hTg893kkls24FHt" or whatever. 9) Click "OK"s until you are out of camera properties.

by trunzoc

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