If I like a video than spin a inconspicuous object around.

Basically: Whenever your Cloudbit is powered on and is hooked up to your Servo module or thingy (that spins),It will spin it whenever you like a video on Youtube! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Instructions/Tips 1st. Get the circuit set up. 2nd. Go to channels on the top right corner and connect your Google/Youtube account. 3rd. Activate this recipe by clicking that big ol' "ADD" button on the bottom down there. 4th. Go like a video. 5th. Be amazed. 6th. Favorite. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tips: Give it some time if it doesen't spin the thing immediately. Sorry bout' not making that title in the middle. There was no option to put "Instructions/Tips in the dead center, So I eyeballed it.

by the_momentum

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