Use Google calendar to schedule posting images with a message to your Facebook group on autopilot

Directions: You need to use one Google Calendar for each FB group you own. You also need Buffer and for it be connected to your Facebook group. In Buffer, you should also set the posting frequency based on when you want the posts to be posted to the FB group (e.g., once a day at a set time). Step 1 - Upload a photo to your blog, server, flickr etc' and copy the link (URL) to the photo. Step 2 - Create a new event in Google Calendar with the title #fbimage Step 3 - Edit the event and paste the URL you created in step 1 to the "Where" field in that calendar event. Step 4 - Type your message in the event's "Description" field and hit save. Step 5 - Set the repeat frequency :) That's it! When the date and time arrives the photo will be uploaded to your Facebook group photos and it will appear in your group (with the message).

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