Todoist Task to Trello Card (with Markdown)

This will watch all projects and Inbox for new tasks created with the Todist label "Trello" (or choose your own), then create a card on a designated/dedicated Board where the Todoist Project name becomes the List name for Trello. IMHO, Checklists on Trello are better for fine granularity of subtasks than Todoist. Also dealing with Todoist labels to create useble filters for daily-changing tasklists is inferior to drag and drop cards. I then use the "Todoist Inventory" Board to Move cards/lists to their own Project named Boards. (BTW - Toggl works with both of these and Pomello is a great Pomodoro Technique integration for Trello; they are both part of my Project Productivity Ecosystem (Projectivity Flow™).

by writch

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