Automatically Retweet Yourself

It is a simple recipe with a few minor quirks. Basically you designate a hashtag that, if used, triggers IFTTT to put that tweet back into Buffer. One of the possible variables when creating the formula is “textnohashtag." This is important because without it, your tweet would simply get added to Buffer over and over, removing the hashtag stops the loop. That’s it! You can set a custom schedule for your tweets in Buffer and now your tagged tweets will get captured and sent out again later. Easy right? There is actually one more step, you need to turn of link shortening in buffer. ( -> settings -> Link Shortening) You need to do this because if you tweet a picture, Twitter will display it inline as a link (good) but once IFTTT puts that tweet into Buffer and Buffer applies it's own shortener the link will go away. Twitter will no longer display the image inline (bad). You always want your images inline so turn of shortening.

by virtualalex

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