Turn on Cree Lights via Hue Hub from Alexa

(Feb 16, 2016) Example: "Alexa, trigger turn on the porch light." Steps Summary: 1. Connect the cree light to the hue hub 2. Name the light on the hue hub 3. Define this IFTTT rule (another rule for off, dim, ...) Steps Detail: 1. Connect cree light to the hue hub A. Reset Cree lights NOTE: these reset instructions worked more reliably for me than any of the published instructions. a. put the light in a socket with a light switch b. Do the following repeatedly i. turn on the light (1 second -- works for me) ii. turn off the light 2 seconds iii. The fourth time you turn the light on it will stay on briefly, then go off for about a second then back on -- this means reset is complete and the light "should" connect to any zigbee light link compatible hub, including hue. B. Discover the bulb in the Hue app a. Turn off the bulb, if it is on. b. In my Android App: Settings | My Lights | Connect New Lights c. Turn the light on while the app/hub is searching for new lights d. The light should show up in the bottom of the list as: "Dimmable Light 1" 2. Rename the light in the App to whatever you want 3. Follow your nose using this IFTTT rule for turning on the light -- like everything IFTTT it is trivial. You'll need separate rules for off and dimming. My comments: ---------------------- Philips hue does not play nicely with cree bulbs. You can add them to your hue hub and use the Hue app to adjust the brightness, but the hub will *NOT* (2/16/2016) make them visible to Alexa. So I use IFTT to create turn on/off rules and some static dimming levels to use from Alexa. I highly recommend purchasing a smartthings or wink hub instead since they play well with most zigbee bulbs. Hue bulbs are great as is the hub. If Philips decides to expose all zigbee bulbs to alexa, this rule would not be needed. It works for me. Eventually I will throw away my Philips hub for one that plays well with Alexa and other zigbee lights (e.g., smartthngs, wink, ...).

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