Top 25 teams name and Record in College Football

There are some spiritual team in America Football games. But some of them becomes top one and more. Those are as Alabama, Clemson, Baylor , Florida State, North Carolina, LSU, Utah, Navy, Oregon, Oklahoma State, Wisconsin, Stanford, Ohio State, Notre Dame, Western Kentucky, Florida Michigan Tennessee and Northwestern. The top one is Ohio State and last 25 is Florida. By observing the total record of top 25 teams in NCAAF games the Ohio State is number one still now by winning 42-24 at Virgia Tech. According to the Associated Press report the Alabama stood second by leading 10 SEC result. Another team TCU become number 3 on AP ranking but it was second position in 2010. Alabama is also renowned team in college football. At the very beginning of 2010 this team was numer 1, 2, 2, 1, and 2 consecutively. Auburn started the wining trophy by Gene Chizik in 2010. But in 2012 Auburns earn record like 3-9. The consecutive position of Stanford, Oklahoma, Michigan State and TCU is 3, 5, 6 and 7 on Big-12 games. Whereas they recorded by maximum 12-2 games. Now, Houston in 8 position by13-1 points and Mississippi’s position is 10 by wins 10-3 games. According to the last 10 years review of NCAAF we have already seen that Clemson wins 14 times and loss 1 time at ACC competition. On the other hand Notre Dame, Michigan, Baylor, Florida State are played same times games and win also same like 10-3 but the position of Notre Dame is the top among them by PV ratings. North Carolina take part in ACC games just 14 times and win 11 times. This team holds 15 position till now in NCAAF games. The statistical status shows that the winning record of Utah and Oklahoma State is the same (10-3) but the position of Utah is ahead instead of Oklahoma State because of PV Ratings. The position of the Florida (25) and Western Kentucky (24) is the very lowest among 25 team of America football games till now.

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