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This recipe allows you to post an entry in Day One when IF receives an email with a specific tag in the subject line. I use #EmailEntry (can't have spaces). #EmailEntry thus hogs the subject line, but then it won't appear in the Day One post unless you use the "Subject" ingredient. Having only the "Body" ingredient in the Body field means that the first line of your email message will become the title of the Day One entry. This recipe really shines if you are familiar with some basic HTML and Markdown syntax, which Day One renders automatically. For example, if you put <br><br> after the first line of your email message, Day One will insert two carriage returns and then the main body of your post will properly appear after a space under the post title. Using Markdown syntax, furthermore, you can add [URL hyperlinks](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hyperlink) to the text as well as images. That example would cause the phrase "URL hyperlinks" to show up in blue in your Day One post and link to the Wikipedia article if you click it. Images from the internet can also be posted using this Markdown formula: ![](--image link--). So, for example, ![](http://static01.nyt.com/images/2016/03/17/world/17SYRIA-web1/17SYRIA-web1-master675.jpg) would show up as a picture I found on the NYTimes site. Or you could use a link from an image in your public Dropbox folder or Google Drive folder. These techniques allow for some very nicely formatted posts on Day One, all from an email message.

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