PS GmbH develops and produces electronic locks in Austria.

PS GmbH develops and produces electronic locks in Austria. From RFID via Bluetooth to simple electromechanical locks palette ranges. With its own production and development buildings, the production takes place since 2012 for the first time entirely in Austria. PRODUCTION : Many experts / suppliers in radius of 300km finished the items. The suppliers are ISO 9001 certified or work according to their specifications. In our production, the items will be inspected and assembled into different locks. With the ISO 9001 certification and a 5 -year warranty is also secured a long-term, consistent and reliable quality production.Contact me: +43 699 13335155 or Email: More See: Tags:- Einstemmschloss, Türschloss, Verstecktes, Diebstahlschutz, Zahlenschloss, Fittnessclub, Möbelschloss, Schublade, Schlösser, Elektronisch, meubles,électroniques, RFID, Serrure de, Mortaise, Serrature, Fitness, blocco, elettronico, Porta scorrevole, Locks, Serrature, elettronico, mobilia, Cerraduras,kilitlemek,elektronik, mobilya, ohne Kabel, Österreich, de muebles, electrónica, görünmez, Puertas, keypads, Mobili invisibile, Aptitud gimnasia club,bloccaggio, pogliatoio, puerta del armario, Möbelschloss, Elektronisch, Unsichtbar, Furniture lock, electronic.

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