Reminder to disable alarm when nearing home

Set the trigger area around your home at a fairly small radius. Mine is about half a mile. This alerts me a few minutes before arriving home. I also setup my iPhone to use "VoiceOver" when in the car. To do this open the Settings App and navigate to the Accessibility setting located within the General settings. Select the VoiceOver settings located at the top of the list, but do not turn it on just yet. Instead scroll down to the bottom of the VoiceOver settings and turn on Speak Notifications. Navigate back to the list of all Accessibility settings and scroll down to the bottom of the list. Set the Triple-click Home Button setting to turn on VoiceOver and exit out of the Settings app. That’s it. Now every time the Home button is triple-clicked, the device will enter into VoiceOver mode. Once in VoiceOver mode, Siri’s voice will read aloud all of the information on the screen, including notifications. To turn off VoiceOver, simply triple-click the Home button again. Once setup, just triple click the home button when getting in your car. This recipe will trigger when you are close to home after your outing to remind you to disable your home security alarm before entering your house. You can adjust the radius of the trigger to suit your needs. I find that the closer to home the alert occurs the less likely I am to forget it.

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