"Trigger all lights to 100%" then change brightness to 100% #backtonormal

09-06-16: I Tested the Recipe & documented in my memory log. For me, this Recipe DOES NOT change my colored bulbs back to white if the bulb(s) are set to a specific color (either when off or when on)- the recipe triggers the specific bulbs to 100 % density in the last set color - THE RECIPE DOES NOT CHANGE THE BULB COLOR BACK TO WHITE. I copied this published IFTTT Recipe from www.mosaic.com. Currently, IFTTT does not allow creating RECIPES for HUE GROUPS. Each Hue Bulb requires creating an individual RECIPE & then triggering each bulb individually -not in GROUPS- It is for this reason that I create MY PUBLISHED TEMPLATES in an attempt to quicken the RECIPE programming process for the four individual bulbs that I have in ONE GROUP.

by kate0508

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