Add ideas from Evernote notebook to Google Sheet

Use this recipe to automatically add ideas from an Evernote "ideas" notebook to a Google Sheet that allows you to track and organize those ideas. To use the recipe you will need: 1. An Evernote notebook for capturing your ideas (name it something like "Ideas") 2. A Google Sheet you will use to organize your ideas. This recipe assumes you will have the following columns (asterisks indicate fields that will get imported from your Evernote notes). If you don't want to use all these columns, just delete the "|||" placeholder for the columns you're skipping, and experiment to see how your Evernote imports line up with your columns. Columns: A) Quality [use this to rate your ideas, if that's useful] *B) Status [the recipe will initially label all your imported ideas as "idea", but once you have done something with them, you might change this to "submitted", "pitched", etc.] C) Dept/Outlet [who you intend to share this idea with/pitch to, if applicable] *D) Idea [short version of your idea -- imported from the title of your Evernote note] E) Subject [what this idea is about/topic area; useful for organizing related ideas by sorting on this column] *F) Description [any additional notes/description of your idea -- imported from the body of your Evernote note]

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