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Nozbe’s email integration is fussy: — The subject is ignored — New task(s) must be in the body of the email, prefaced by {asterisk}{space} (*Note* I don’t mean literally {asterisk}{space} but rather the corresponding keyboard characters :) ) I like to send quick emails to Nozbe as I encounter new tasks, with each email containing a single new task in the subject line. Tweak this recipe for your own needs, or follow the detailed instructions which follow: With thanks to others on a Nozbe forum, I have a solution based on … Overview of workflow Send email with task in subject to a gmail address —> ifttt moves task from subject to body of email, prefacing the task with {asterisk}{space} —> ifttt forwards email to Nozbe —> Nozbe converts email to task Let’s say your Nozbe is: john.1234 (You can find that information here: Setting up 1) If you don’t already have one, set up a Gmail account. Let’s say it’s 2) In Gmail, create a label named Nozbe 3) In Gmail, create a filter such that if an email comes in addressed to, it does this: a) Skip inbox (so Nozbe tasks don’t clutter the inbox) b) Mark as read (so you don’t add to your already depressing number of unread emails) c) Apply label Nozbe (so that ifttt will notice it and act accordingly; instructions on configuring ifttt follow) 4) If you don’t already have one, create an account 5) In ifttt, create a recipe a) Trigger — New email labeled Nozbe b) Action — Send an email To address — Note: It’s NOT c) Subject — Can be anything; doesn’t matter since Nozbe ignores the subject d) Body — {asterisk}{space}{{Subject}} Note: Type in the {asterisk}{space} and then use the nifty little Gmail ingredients Data from the Trigger drop-down box on the right to put in the {{Subject}} Ta da! Note: 1) I believe ifttt fires off every 15 minutes, not instantaneously, so you may need to be patient. If you want to test that it’s working: a) Send an email to b) Check in your gmail account that the email has arrived and is labeled Nozbe c) Go to ifttt and click the Check now button which you’ll find under the handy little right-arrow icon to the right of your recipe d) Go to Nozbe and check that the email has been converted to a task; I believe it shows up in the first project, which in my case is the Inbox Happy Gmail-ing, ifttt-ing, and Nozbe-ing!

by kevin_boer

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