Our new logo


Over the past few months, our team has been working hard to improve your experience with IFTTT. We’re proud to announce a new look, new language, new Channels, and speedier Triggers!

A New Look

Our new logo and wordmark come from the idea that the combination of two basic elements can yield new value and meaning. Our goal with this bold new look is to make creating, discovering, and sharing these combinations as intuitive as possible. 

Simplified Language

We’ve unified everything under the term Recipes: Personal Recipes (formerly known as Tasks) and Shared Recipes. In addition, we’ve renamed Add-ins to Ingredients. Now you can add Ingredients to your Recipes! For more info, head over to our revamped About page.

New Channels

Today marks our first foray into the physical world. Now IFTTT works with Belkin’s WeMo devices! WeMo is a family of simple, ingenious products that allow you to control home electronics from anywhere. Turn them on or off, trigger them with motion, even put them on a schedule. You’ll find two new exciting Channels – The WeMo Switch and the WeMo Motion – on our Channels page

Quick Triggers

We’re excited to announce Quick Triggers on IFTTT! Recipes that use Quick Triggers work as soon as they receive new Trigger data. Quick Triggers can be identified by the lightning bolt icon. The Channels that currently support Quick Triggers are EmailSMSPhone, Google Talk, and the two new WeMo Channels! We hope to convert more Triggers to Quick Triggers in the near future, so stay tuned. 

The launch of this redesign marks the beginning of some outstanding improvements to IFTTT that will roll out in the coming months. Please continue sharing your feedback — it’s your voice that inspires us to keep building!

—The IFTTT Team