Celebrating 87k Makers

Here's to the Makers

In June of 2015, we launched the Maker Channel. We had a feeling there was a creative community of developers that could take IFTTT and run with it, in directions we couldn’t even imagine. 

It’s been just over a year, and we’re excited to say that our makers have exceeded our expectations. The growth of the Channel has been impressive: we now have over 87,000 developers, hackers and creators bringing their visions to life with IFTTT.

We’re also honored that the feeling is mutual: we were chosen as the number one cloud platform for makers in Hackster.io’s 2016 Survey.

To celebrate, we wanted to highlight a few of the useful, amusing, and just plain ingenious projects our makers have made. 

1. A real-life “easy” button 
Bring a little IFTTT magic to your desk or bedside table with this one-touch, one-action button.

“The Maker channel is a really cool feature. The ability to create simple yet powerful combinations makes it the perfect solution to supercharge your next project.” - Smart button maker Noel Portugal 

2. Weather-forecasting sneakers 
Upgrade your sneakers with a badge that lights up to warn you about bad weather, or tell you surf’s up — time to hit the beach.

“There was a need for a simple way to connect various weather factors, so we tapped into IFTTT’s weather and Surfline Channels. We also wanted to let people easily hack-the-hack beyond weather, so IFTTT was an obvious choice — a developer could easily customize the parameters and choose from all the different options.” -Andrew Wendling, Design Lead at Chapter and sneaker hacker 

3. A mood lamp for the world 
Using colored LEDs and Twitter hashtag searches, this maker rigged up a lamp that tells him exactly how the world is feeling. 

4. A mind-controlled droid 
Bring the magic of the movies home with this simple project. Perfect for the mini-maker in your life, as the video demonstrates!

“The Maker Channel is where I go when I get an idea for a fun project, or want to build a quick proof of concept.” - droid maker Ron Dagdag 

5. A food security monitor (back off, roommates!) 
This project rigged up a sensor for their cupboard, so they could keep track of any treat trespassers. 

Inspired to make something of your own? Check out the Maker Channel and the amazing community at Hackster.io, and get started. 

To everyone who’s ever had an idea and turned to IFTTT to help make it happen: Thank you. You’re why we build — so here’s to you.