What you could connect in 2017

As the number of connections in the home continues to grow, it’s important to remember that they’ll stem from a very diverse group of devices. For every high-profile voice-activated assistant like Google Home, there will be a slew of smaller brands and more specific services.

As a company focused on enabling seamless experiences across all of your apps and devices, we were excited to take it all in at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). As we walked the floor, we noticed innovative smart home design popping up in some unexpected places:

The fridge

What’s for dinner? Check out FridgeCam from anywhere to see what you have on hand, and what’s expiring soon. This gadget claims it can save the average home more than $500 in lost food every year. Better yet, its mount works with any fridge: as consumers choose how to invest in their smart homes, universally compatible devices will attract those who don’t want to spend thousands on new appliances.

The garbage

The GeniCan sits in your trash can and scans your incoming trash to help you make shopping lists. You can also use voice commands if you’re tossing something without a bar code. Once your trash is full, it’ll notify you to take it out — and built in Amazon Dash means you can set it up to automatically reorder items as you toss them.

Your mouth (!)

Kolibree’s Ara is a Bluetooth connected toothbrush that promises to turn “tooth brushing into a playful experience.” Sensors in the brush track your habits and you’ll get recommendations on how to improve your form. For kids (or the young at heart), there’s a mobile game to turn nightly brushing into something to look forward to.

Of course, following CES there’s the inevitable backlash around some of these devices: “Do we really need a connected [insert product here]?” From our perspective, when it comes to building a connected home, more choice is a good thing. We all have unique needs and value different experiences.

The key is making those experiences simple and seamless. We’ll do everything we can to make sure the best new products hitting the market work with IFTTT — so that they’ll be compatible with the rest of your smart home.