12 Applets for bookworms

Who says technology and reading can’t go hand-in-hand? Here at IFTTT HQ we have a Slack channel for discussing our favorite books and an in-office lending library! We have a suspicion that there’s many people out there who use all available methods to fuel their bookish habits. So we gathered up a few Applets to help you read more, and read well. 

Keep a list

Google Assistant and the Note widget let you quickly add to lists with your voice or a couple taps on your phone. Use them to capture all the books you’re going to read — someday! When you finally get to them, there’s a simple way to track your progress: Start a Trello board dedicated to books and log every title you move from “Reading” into “Read.”

Find new favorites

You never know where the next life-changing book might come from. Stay on top of buzzworthy titles, free ebooks, and new sales with these Applets.

Go beyond books

There’s so much out there to read — why limit yourself? Get a weekly knowledge boost from Wikipedia and fill up your Pocket queue with all the longreads you’re not able to get to during the day.

Set the scene

One last touch, before you settle in with your new book. Toggle on your custom “reading” scene — you can set up something that works for you, but we suggest warm white, bright light. Don’t strain your eyes!

To make it easy for you to share these Applets with your fellow bibliophiles, we gathered them up into a collection for readers. Time to hit the books.  Happy reading!