Run/walk: A fitness tracker roundup

Whether you’re new to an active lifestyle or an amateur athlete, a fitness wearable can help you fine-tune your routine. And when they work with IFTTT it’s easy to track goals, share progress, and build better habits.

Here are four different IFTTT-enabled options to consider picking up before your next workout!


  • From $59.95 for a Zip to $229.95 for a special edition smartwatch.
  • Different models can be worn clipped to clothing, as watches or wristbands, or even as jewelry.
  • The Fitbit Flex 2 can be worn swimming.
  • Most models track steps, calories, distance, floors climbed, and sleep. Some track heart rate and location (via GPS).
  • Accessories allow you to choose from a wide variety of colors and materials.
  • Most models can go up to 7 days on a single charge. The Zip has a battery that lasts for up to 6 months.

Fitbit’s service is robust, with over 10 triggers and actions. You can choose from hundreds of Applets that can help you track changes to your activity, weight, and sleep levels.

  • From $99.99 for a basic tracker to $149.99 for a special edition or bundle with extra accessories.
  • All models are wristbands. A special collaboration with Swavrovski includes options that can be worn as a bracelet or pendant.
  • Most models are suitable for swimming.
  • Most models track steps, calories, distance, floors climbed, and sleep. Some track heart rate and location (via GPS).
  • Misfit trackers work with a battery that should last 4-6 months and can then be easily replaced.

Misfit's service not only has triggers and actions to help you monitor your activity, but if you have the Mistfit Flash you can use it as a smart button. A single, double, triple or long press on the Flash can all be used to run different Applets.

  • From around $12.00 for the simplest versions to up to $59.99 for the newest UP3 and UP4 models.
  • Most models are worn as wristbands, but the UPmove can be clipped to clothing as well.
  • The trackers are “splash-proof” but not suitable for swimming.
  • All models track activity, calories, and sleep. The UP3 and UP4 track heart rate.
  • Most models can go 10 days, on average, with a full charge.

With over 15 actions and triggers, the UP by Jawbone service can be used to create an amazing variety of Applets. You can customize how you monitor and log sleep, activity — even your meals and moods.

  • The Pulse O2 is $99.95.
  • It can be worn as a wristband, clipped to clothing, or dropped into a pocket or a bag.
  • The Pulse tracks and monitors activity/steps, calories, elevation, distance, heart rate, sleep cycles, and blood oxygen level.
  • The Pulse can typically go two weeks before needing to be recharged.

The Withings service (which also controls their connected scale and blood pressure monitor) has several triggers that work with the Pulse. You can run Applets as you track steps, heart rate, and activity to help you stay motivated.

You’re just a wearable away from hitting your fitness goals — which will you choose? Even if you’re not the gadget type, IFTTT can help you build healthy habits: check out our collection for Applets that touch everything from meditation, to sleep, to nutritious eating.